School Transport

North Yorkshire County Council are responsible for all transport arrangement to and from the Academy.   However, we work closely with them and with individual providers to try to ensure that things run smoothly.

Pupils aged 2 – 11 who live further than two miles from the Academy and all those age 12 – 16 who live further than three miles may be provided with free transport.  Transport is via minibus or a taxi, and a passenger assistant (PA) is provided in most cases.  It is the PA’s job to ensure the safety of the children on the transport and to make sure they get on and off at the right stop.  If a parent wishes their child to be dropped off at a different address NYCC passenger transport must be informed in advance.   The Academy is unable to make any changes to transport arrangements.   Parents must inform the Academy of any changes to transport arrangements; we will check the identity of anyone we do not already know if they are sent to collect a pupil.

Pupils are expected to behave sensibly and safely at all time when travelling on transport.   Where this does not happen, a pupil’s behaviour will be monitored by PAs and information passed on to Academy staff so that we might offer support.   In exceptional circumstances; where difficult behaviours cannot be moderated using our usual sanctions, parents may become responsible for transporting their child to and from the Academy.

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